Welcome to Climeco Engineering

Climeco Engineering BV is an independant firm of consultants, specialized in climate control equipment, oriented in cultivation under glass. Extensive knowledge on the areas of heating, cooling, ground source heat and cold storage and mechanical ventilation systems is the basis of the chosen solutions and concepts. Furthermore, we use the latest insights, we acquired by our own measurements and research, or in conjunction with knowledge institutes and horticultural branche organisations.

We develop integrated concepts and innovative systems for climat control for every location in the world. We can support the entire process from idea to completion. Our basis is a solid foundation of experience with proven technologies and use this to develop challenging projects with a suitable climate system.





The concept is developed to save energy. In the meantime the air ventilation system generates air movement in the crop and evenly distributes air throughout the greenhouse. The crop benefits of this and will grow more evenly and fungal diseases will be reduced.


A good greenhouse climate is characterized with even temperatures. To monitor and improve the evenness of temperatures, more information is needed. ClimaScan generates a detailed overview of temperature registrations in real-time. This is based on measurements of an extensive network of wireless temperature sensors in combination with software for viewing and analyzing the data.