Climeco Engineering BV provides consultancy regarding climate control in horticulture and mushroom farming. Extensive knowledge about technical installations regarding central heating, cooling, mechanical ventilation and groundsource heat and cold storage is our basis for the chosen solutions and concepts. Furthermore, we use the latest insights, we acquired by our own measurements and research, or in conjunction with knowledge institutes and horticultural branche organisations.

We develop concepts and solutions for every location in the world and can support the entire process from idea to completion. Our basis is a solid foundation of experience with proven technologies and use this to develop challenging projects with a suitable climate system.

Climeco is founded by Jan Derks. With extensive experience as an engineer and consultant in climate control equipment for cultivation under glass, solid solutions are guaranteed.

Since 2014 the company is managed by Rob Wientjens, after a period of 4 years working for Climeco as climate and energy consultant. He is educated as an engineer, receiving his bachelor degree at the ‘HTS’. During his career he worked as a senior mechanical engineer and a project manager at several companies. Via an engineering agency he explored several technical disciplines and subsequently started working for Climeco. 

Climeco is worldwide active with experience in USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea and so on. 



The name Climeco says it all; it stands for: climate, ecology and economy. The aims of the company are: to realize an optimal growth climate, with important business aspects such as ecology and economy taken into acount. Climeco is constantly searching for innovations and advanced technologies, for integration in new developments in greenhouse climate technology. Climeco is strong in development of concepts and in realisation of projects. 

 By working with proven technology for innovative solutions, Climeco can achieve ecological goals in a responsible manner. For example the ClimecoVent system; dehumidifying of greenhouse air with an airhandling system to save energy and creating a better greenhouse climate. 


Target group

(Potential) customers of Climeco:

  • Greenhouse horticulture companies
  • Mushroom cultures
  • (Cultivation) consultants
  • Installers
  • Greenhouse building companies
  • National, regional and local government
  • Subsidy/grant consulants
  • Property developers



Climeco is highly skilled in the following areas:

  • Renewable energy systems, for example:
    • Heat pumps (electrically, absorption)
    • Cooling- and heat storage systems
    • Residual- or waste heat exploit
  • Energy generation, distribution and purchasing:
    • Combined heat and power generation
    • Formation of consortiums of companies
  • Heating and cooling:
    • Boilers, flue gas condensers, chillers, and (open) energy buffering systems
    • Pumps, tube heating systems, telescope lines, underground lines and more
  • Air handling systems:
    • Selection of cooling- and heat exchangers, humidifiers and fans
    • Design and engineering of air handling units and air distribution systems
  • Engineering of control systems:
    • Climate computers and logical controllers
    • Variable valve control and -accessories



Climeco is a firm of consultants. The provided services cover the entire process: ‘from idea to delivery’. Climeco delivers the service by performing the following activities:

  • Technical and/or economic feasibility studies (cost-benefit analysis) for example: renewable energy projects, total energy supply or renovation projects
  • Performing budget assessments
  • Advice on investment decisions
  • Advice on puchasing of energy
  • Assistance with- or total application for licences- and subsidies
  • Set up of installation plans:
    • Calculation and selection required installation materials and resources
    • Set up of detailed P&ID schemes
    • Setup of control protocols
  • Setup of detailed cost price calculations
  • Assistance with outsourcing of installation work
  • Assistance with parts purveyance
  • Project management and supervision on realization of installation work
  • Assistance with installation start-up and commissioning, development of test protocols
  • Support and aftercare


Terms and Conditions

Here you can read or download the terms and conditions.