Design of greenhouse heating systems

The heating system is a basic system for climate control in greenhouses. The heating system differs in many ways from a central heating system in other types of buildings. Designing a greenhouse heating system is one of the basic capabilities of the Climeco Engineering team.



For calculating the heating demand the local weather conditions are taken into account. Combined with the specific characteristics of the greenhouse the results of the calculations give a reliable value.



For heating the greenhouse a combination of systems are tailored to the growing system for the specific crop.

Common heating systems are based on tube heating:

  • Tuberail heating
  • Grow pipe heating
  • Monorail heating


Besides these examples, all kinds of variants are possible. But also in-floor heating and soil/bottom heating.

The main objective is to have an even temperature in the greenhouse, in order to have an even growth of the plants throughout the entire greenhouse facility.

The heat is traditionally generated with boilers, cogenerators and/or heat pumps in the boiler room.

For transporting heat from the boiler room to all area’s of the facility it is common to use pre-insulated underground piping. This leads to a heating system with ‘satellite’ distributors for distribution of heat.

The temperature control and circulation of the heating water is taken care of with mixing groups. Based on calculations, the main components are selected, which are energy efficient and maintenance friendly.

The distribution lines ensure an even distribution of water into each heating loop. The ‘Tichelmann’ principle makes sure the distribution is in fact evenly, provided that the installation has been performed correctly.


Project engineering

Besides the calculations and flow diagrams, Climeco also produces the installation drawings for projects. The installations are modelled in 3D CAD, which also produces parts lists. The parts lists are the basis for the purchasing process.

Good drawings are fundamental for a short project lead time for the installation process.