The ClimecoVent-concept

“Bright idea for energy saving”

Positioning in climate technology

The concept is developed for saving energy. It also creates air movement and an even distribution of air. These advantages are visible in cultivation by uniform growth and less fungal diseases. By the use of air systems in the greenhouse, low temperature heating is within reach. This facilitates more efficiency in the boilerroom, utilisaton of residual heat, integration of heat pump systems and geothermal heat supply. 


Technical explanation

The main objective of the concept is to enhance the insulation of the greenhouse during the dark and colder times of the day. This is the reason that it includes two screens, which leads to the possibility to save up to 45% on fossil fuels. The screens prevent the humid air to condensate on the cold glass of the roof. To compensate that, the Regain Unit is developed. This unit dehumidifies the greenhouse with outside air. The colder air contains less moisture than the warm greenhouse air. The outside air is heated up to greenhouse temperature by regaining the heat from the warm greenhouse air. In the meantime the relative humidity drops and the dry air is distributed evenly with a system of air sleeves throughout the whole greenhouse.


Main components:

  • Regain Unit (for regaining warmth from the discharged air)
  • Distribution system for fresh and dry air
  • Screening installation(s) (35% to 80%)


Optional: heatpump and aquifer


Characteristics of the system:

  • Controlled ventilation with the regain of warmth
  • 25 to 45% saving of energy possible on fossil fuels
  • Proven and “low cost” techniques
  • Lucrative investment


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